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People #1: the keys for healthy and productive employees

Culture, ethics, a nd behavior relate to individuals and their organizations. People working in cybersecurity are expected to complete their daily activities, make correct decisions, and carry out corrective actions. People skills and behavior are intangible success factors and are often underestimated in cybersecurity. Together with the right technology and processesthey form the foundation of good cybersecurity. 

The keys for happy and productive employees 

Within the context of COVID-19, we all face enormous challenges. In addition to organizational measures, mental pressure is increasing considerably. Working from home requires each individual to make the right adjustments in terms of flexibility, power, and choices. This is one of the main reasons why we are motivated to present you with a series of blogs about human behavior and tendencies that hopefully lead to secure and healthy teleworking. In this series of blogs, we put people, their skills, and employee engagement central. 

We have to understand the importance of bringing structure in what we do; especially now that we are obliged to work from home. A daily schedule can help us to keep a clear overview of our tasks, the way we meaningfully carry them out, and interact with others, and last but not least, how we will be able to set the right tone.  

The blogs we will share throughout April, will have the following structure: 

Prepare: Tip of the day!
– Delivers an insight to help you be more productive, effective, and efficient. 

Execute: Theme of the day
– We will focus on different themes related to the following topics: 

  • work tendencies and how these tendencies strengthen or derail telework 
  • Employee engagement and leadership actions in times of COVID-19 
  • ‘Teleworking as the New Normal.’ 

Evaluate: Ask yourself
– Questions that lead to personal reflection, insights, and consciousness.

Take care of each other! 

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