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People #2: do you know what is expected of you at work?

Tip of the day! 

Ask your superior or manager what he or she expects from you at work. 

Theme of the day 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever before are working from home. Ware using a variety of technologies to interact with each other and to do our work in the best way we can. 
This homeworking protects us from traffic jams, and irritation caused by other drivers, and it already has an effect on the quality of the air we breathe. Isn’t that nice?  

As we are a teleworking class of peoplenow, the following questions arise:  

  • “Are we teleworkers productive, efficient, effective and secure?” 
  • “Are we doing what the company expects us to do?” 

Well, I don’t think so…  

Many teleworkers are now isolated from other people. Call them lonely teleworkers, trapped in the bubble of their solitudeOthers have their kids around. And children also need some structure to get through their day in a meaningful way, don’t you agree? This must surely have an effect on the efficiency of teleworkers.  

And a second that pops up is:  

Do you know what your manager expects from you at work?” 

I’m not sure either… 

Even if you think that working expectations are clear to all involved, ask for clarification. Please keep in mind, especially since the COVID-19 outbreak, that working circumstances changed drastically. And that’s probably also the fact for working expectations. We are not always aware of changed expectations. Clarification and adjustments to mutual working expectations are necessary. Both you and your manager are responsible for this. 

To express expectations in a good way, you can ask yourself the questions below.  

  • How do I form and hold opinions?” 
  • How do I deal with ambiguity in times of teleworking?” 

I will give you answers to these questions in my next blogpost! Stay tuned! 

Ask yourself


  • Do I know what my manager expects from me at work? 
  • Do I know what others expect from me at work? 
  • Do my colleagues know what I expect from them? 
  • How exactly do contribute to the mission of my company? 
  • “How do I ensure contribution in a secure way?”
  • Today, am I motivated to respond to other’s (customers, colleagues, my boss) needs and assist or support others to achieve their goals?” And at the same time, “Do I put forward my personal goals and needs? 

Take care of yourself! Take care of each other! 

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