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People #6: Are you able to do your work? To perform?

Tip of the day! 

If you need specific instructions as a teleworker, guidancefeedback, recognition, additional information, tools, etc. to be able to do your work meaningful and securecontact your manager or colleagues and ask for it!

Theme of the day 

This blog is about your ability to do your work securely and meaningfully from home. 

Because of Corona-19 measures, employees are already working remotely. Many of them can do their jobs anywhere. Managers need to focus on what their teleworking colleagues need in order to unlock their performance potential every day. 

Managers are responsible for leading their teams (and individuals) to achieve mutually defined objectives and expectations. Manager’s interactions with remote workers determine employee engagement. And engagement has a direct impact on employee performance. Managers have to understand how to build individualized and trusted relationships with their remote employees. 

To be able to do so, managers have to: 

  • Clarify mutual expectations: It’s about doing the right work, the appropriate amount of workand about performance expectations. 

See also People #2: Do you know what is expected of you at work? It’s all about clarity. 

  • Provide employees with information, tools, feedback, recognition, etc. Isn’t it frustrating to be stopped from performing because of inadequate resources? 
  • Focus on employees’ talents: Managers that demonstrate that they know the talents of their people create trust. Trust creates mutual engagement, and this again has a positive influence on employee performance. 

What YOU have to do is: 

  • Ask your manager to support you; 
  • Ask for the tools, equipment, information, etc. you need to do your work right; 
  • Be passionate about your talents! 

 Ask yourself 


  • Do I have the information, tools, instructions, clarifications, knowledge, etc. that I need to do my work correctly and securely? If not, or if in any doubt, contact your manager. 
  • “Am I self-motivated and assertive enough to contact my boss if I have any doubt about my abilities to do my work securely and meaningfully?” 

In the next blogs, we will dive deeper into a.o. 

  • Your drive to achieve (including taking the initiative), wanting challenge, and being enthusiastic about your own goals and expectations; 
  • Your tendency to put forward personal wants and needs. 

Blog People #7 is about how you manage self-esteem and self-improvement in teleworking-times. 

 Stay tuned! 

 Take care of yourself! Take care of each other! 

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