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Analytics and Reporting

How F5 Networks creates added value to your IT and security leaders

How F5 Networks creates added value to your IT and security leaders.

If you wonder whether you have uncovered all the value your F5 Networks offer, then this article is for you.

From observations over the last couple of years, we can state that analytical progress in the cybersecurity arena is undeniable and adds value, awareness, and insights to your IT and security leaders. However, within many organizations, analytics and reporting features are still untouched.

Your F5 Networks has a strategic position in your application-landscape. It holds valuable information for you as a security or IT leader and for your entire team.

F5 Networks offers a range of exciting analytics and reporting tools that bring new insights to the surface and create added-value to all involved.

In this article, we offer you some thoughts, and we depict some visuals that give you an initial impression of the F5 Networks analytics and reporting features. We urge you to answer the following questions after reading this article:

  • Today, how do I keep an overview of what happens throughout my entire application portfolio?
  • How will information visualised and reported in dashboards help me further in the operational security management of my business-critical applications?
  • What is the first thing I will do to take the F5 Networks analytics and reporting features into account?

We hope this article will give you a picture of the analytics and reporting capabilities of F5 Networks.

What we will discuss sequentially:

  • Application visibility and reporting with analytics
  • BIG-IQ Centralized Management
  • NGINX Controller
  • Visualization in SIEM, a hub to SOC
  • BEACON Application Visibility and Analytics: end-to-end with actionable insights

Application Visibility and Reporting

Analytics, also called Application Visibility and Reporting (AVR), is a module on the BIG-IP system that is inherently available.

You can use it to analyze the performance of services and applications.

Analytics monitors and provides via dashboards detailed charts and graphs to give you more insight into detailed metrics such as application performance, transactions per second, server and client latency, request and response throughput, user sessions, etc. reported at different levels of SLAs.Application Visibility and Reporting

BIG-IQ Centralized Management

The out-of-the-box visibility and monitoring capabilities such as F5 Analytics (AVR) provide great insights. However, many organizations deploy applications in multiple clouds and IT architectures. Your management and monitoring challenges grow with expanding the application portfolio and the additional appliances and services needed to support them.

This challenge is addressed by simplifying the management of your F5 Networks BIG-IP install base. The F5 Networks BIG-IQ Centralized Management allows you to manage multiple physical and virtual BIG-IP devices from a single pane of glass. BIG-IQ Centralized Management provides a unified point of control of your entire F5 portfolio – devices, modules, and licenses – helping you deliver optimal application availability, performance, and security.

You can keep your finger on your F5 systems and modules to monitor your applications in various clouds and IT architectures.

1.2 BIG-IQ Centralized Management

NGINX Controller, a DevOps-driven, multi-cloud application platform for modern app teams

From NetOps to DevOps, modern app teams need a self-service, API driven platform that integrates easily into CI/CD workflows to accelerate app deployment – whether your app has a hybrid or microservices architecture – and makes app lifecycle management easier.

Build to manage NGINX Plus instances, NGINX Controller provides valuable analytics and insights to help applications adapt, protect, heal, and drive results, including thresholds tied to uptime and performance.

NGINX Controller gives teams the intelligence to improve app performance based on current conditions and trend analysis into development cycles. The result is a reduction in the time it takes to update an application for expanded use cases, or to add security features based on new threats. The NGINX controller capabilities provide increased visibility across associated performance metrics so you can deliver applications.

NGINX Controller

Visualization in SIEM

A SIEM like Splunk leverages the data visibility provided by F5 Networks systems through extensive investigation and visualization capabilities.

You get an advanced security reporting and analysis tool in the form of a Splunk app. It enables security analysts, administrators, and architects to correlate application and user activities across F5 Networks infrastructures from a real-time and historical perspective.

Visualization in SIEM

BEACON Application Visibility and Analytics, end-to-end with actionable insights

F5 Networks BIG-IP, NGINX, or F5 Cloud services are all great solutions to deliver your applications regardless of the architecture. In a multi-cloud and hybrid architecture, it is challenging to achieve a good user experience without an end-to-end view. Application security monitoring in this multi-cloud and hybrid architecture seems to be a daunting task. To overcome these challenges, you need a single solution for application visibility and analytics.

F5 Beacon, a SaaS offering, empowers you to achieve full visibility across your application landscape, obtain app insights and business intelligence, and make fast, impactful, and better-informed decisions. Beacon provides you end-to-end application visibility irrespective of where they are deployed, so you gain utmost valuable operational, security and cost insights.

BEACON Application Visibility and Analytics

With F5 Beacon, you can answer common questions such as:

  • Security Insights:
    • Which applications are encrypted?
    • How many applications are actively blocking threats?
    • Which applications are protected by a WAF?
  • Operational Insights:
    • Which applications are at risk of service disruption?
    • What per cent of time was my applications available?
    • What was the average response time for my applications?
    • Why are my applications down?
  • Cost insights:
    • How many applications are deployed elastically?
    • Where are my idle and underutilized resources?
    • Which environments are using what per cent of my budget?

With a simple onboarding process, F5 Beacon is a fast, easy-to-use solution with a highly visible application inventory. It provides customizable dashboards with application portfolio visibility, event and notification transparency, and health and performance monitoring and analytics.

On top of your current F5 Networks install base, F5 Beacon enables rapid time to value with multi-cloud connectivity delivered as a SaaS offering.

Application owners, line of business, security, and operations managers – along with executives – now have a broad monitoring view of their application landscape in all integrated environments.

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