Digital platforms at the heart of innovation and competitiveness

Classical markets with declining productivity impede the growth of our social and economic systems. Organizations are well aware of this and are digitalizing to the fullest in order to strengthen their market position. New digital platforms are being developed to enhance efficiency, better inform and support customers, create innovative collaboration between partners and business value. One of the biggest struggles when it comes to the creation of digital platforms is security. With cybercrime being one of the biggest economies now, no risks can be taken.

10 success factors for DevSecOps

Drivers of digital platforms

Business-critical digital platforms emerge from the drive to create business value and competitive advantage. We talk about ‘digital platforms’ instead of ‘applications’ because digital platforms are much more than just software code. Digital platforms are built on the basis of a full stack of possible technologies (on-premise, hybrid, hosted).

When designing, developing, and managing platforms, many things need to be taken into account. Just think of the applicable regulations (compliance), time to market, technological advances, organizational approaches and more.

Orange Cyberdefense as your secure software center of excellence

We strongly believe that digital platform security is a mindset rather than a product. Our aim is to assist customers in embracing this mindset and engraining it into the daily work of their DevSecOps teams by giving them the tools, knowledge, and support to do so. We help your DevSecOps team (or your third-party DevSecOps team) with the development of secure digital platforms, whether it is a new platform or an already-in-use one you wish to optimize. We deploy trajectories leading to secure digital platforms, from the early idea to the operational management.

Transfer of knowledge

We maximize the transfer of knowledge and techniques to achieve a lasting effect on customer security maturity.

A secure software center of excellence

Our teams act as a secure software center of excellence to your organization from board to basement.

Broad set of skilled security professionals

Our team consists of a broad set of skilled security professionals with specializations (governance, offensive, defensive, development , operations).

Independent security advice

As a leading integrator of security solutions, it is in our DNA to provide independent security advice.

Services available to your organization

Point solutions

The new security architecture of Antwerp Police Departement

The digital platform ‘Focus’ of the Antwerp Police has been voted ‘IT Project of the Year’ by Computable. The product, which was developed in collaboration with Orange Cyberdefense, helps to deploy available resources and people more efficiently.

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