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Forensic Readiness

Has your company ever encountered a situation where it was paramount to prove exactly what happened? Where you had to find out for example how a hacker managed to get past your defenses, or how malware was able to spread across the network? Perhaps you needed proof that a former employee committed intellectual property theft or copied the client database? Maybe even fraud?

Digital Forensics is the process of using digital evidence to prove exactly what happened: who did what when and how? In the examples above, it may have meant the difference between a perennial question mark and the confirmed truth. Unfortunately, it happens too often that an investigation takes longer or even remains inconclusive because the smoking gun evidence was lost or never registered due to misconfigurations. To optimize the efficiency of the investigation, and the chances of success, a company can improve its Forensic Readiness.

During this webinar I’ll explain the benefits of Forensic Readiness, and I will provide some useful starting points and quick wins you can apply in your company.


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