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Orange Cyberdefense renews Colruyt network with Juniper

Network specialist Juniper Networks will supply routers and gateways to the Colruyt supermarket group. This should ensure better data connections. Colruyt says that this improvement is needed to cope with ‘the exponential growth of network traffic’. Orange Cyberdefense is connected to the project as an implementation partner.

Due to the growth of Colruyt (which operates under more than forty brands in Belgium and France), the company was looking for solutions to modernize its WAN and LAN in order to keep up with the rising network activity. The choice fell on Juniper, with Orange Cyberdefense as an implementation partner.

The Ethernet switches from the EX series from Juniper are used in combination with data center switches from the QFX series within a so-called Virtual Chassis topology of the network supplier. Thanks to L3 aggregation, Colruyt can add new nodes to its campus network. These solutions must ensure that the point of sale (pos) systems and tablets used in stores hardly go offline anymore. Thanks to the switch to a Virtual Chassis for the switches that handle all store-related data traffic, Colruyt can simplify the topology of its network.

The big grocer also uses MX104 routers as peering devices with its internet providers. This platform is supported by the Junos operating system and the Juniper programmable Trio Chipset. It provides routing options, switching functionality and network services. Colruyt also implemented the Juniper SRX5400 Services Gateway. This firewall offers threat intelligence and a routing engine.

Network congestion

“The outdated switches used in most of our stores provided limited throughput.”

“We realized that our existing infrastructure was not designed to accommodate the growth that we expect in the coming years,” says Wim Derijnck, team manager Network Solutions at Colruyt. “The outdated switches used in most of our stores only offered limited throughput. The existing Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) architecture of our network also began to grow into a bottleneck. Occasionally, network congestion caused overloading of the switches. As a result, certain locations went offline, with all the inconvenience this entails for our customers. With the solutions from Juniper Networks we were able to reduce the risks and increase the bandwidth of our network from 10 to 40 Gbps. This has contributed to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty for all our branches and web stores. ”

Colruyt used the IT integrator Orange Cyberdefense for the design and implementation of its solution.