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Orange Cyberdefense responds to the growing demand for GRC expertise

The arrival of Jan De Bondt and Wim Van Langenhove strengthens the 360° approach to cyber security.

Wommelgem, 20 August 2019 – Orange Cyberdefense, the specialist integrator in networking, security, storage, and virtualization solutions, has strengthened its ZIONSECURITY team with Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) experts Jan De Bondt and Wim Van Langenhove. Earlier this year, Orange Cyberdefense fully acquired ZIONSECURITY, a specialist in securing web applications and web users.

“Jan and Wim play an important role in the further development of our Cyber Security Advisory Services,” says Etienne Verhasselt, Business Manager at ZIONSECURITY. “Using their expertise in aligning cyber security with business objectives and making Business Managers aware of the importance of security, they help organizations to cover their cyber security risks as much as possible.”

The GRC solutions offered by Orange Cyberdefense are:

  1. Prevent: GRC advice and tooling, development of cybersecurity roadmap, data governance, OT, and IoT security governance;
  2. Protect: IAM, training and coaching security profiles, CISO, and DPO-as-a-service;
  3. Prove: internal audit, conformity control, forensic IT governance, etc.

It is strictly ensured that the advice is always objective and independent. This guarantees our customers that they can always expect a tailor-made approach.

A risk-based approach

By starting from the business processes and the associated risks, we can always use a tailor-made approach for the customer,” explains Wim Van langenhove. “This link completes the 360° approach and lends itself perfectly to limiting cyber security risks to an acceptable minimum from the perspective of people, process, and technology”.

“A contemporary security culture can never consist of isolated initiatives,” adds Etienne Verhasselt. “You have to take a silo-breaking approach to security if you want to develop a reliable and efficient security strategy.” 

Finally, Jan De Bondt also refers to the business drivers for a sound security policy, “We are increasingly finding that cybersecurity ratios are becoming as important as financial ratios when we evaluate business relationships.” This may play a role in M&A, the search for new business partners, digital transformation projects, etc.