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GDPR: 2020 retrospective

Discover numerous GDPR statistics by country and industry and their analysis.

With a daily watch on personal data protection, the Orange Cyberdefense Consulting & Audit team offers you, through this white paper, an GDPR retrospective of 2020. Whether you are a small business, a large company, or a public authority, the protection of personal data has become everyone’s business.

The world must now live with the constant threat of cyber-aggressions, which are reaching record levels every year. These cyber-attacks materialize in particular in the form of ransomware. Attackers no longer hesitate to exfiltrate data to secure ransom payments and threaten to publish them. The protection of personal data is therefore no longer an option at a time when the application of the GDPR is at its nominal pace.

The news around it has been rich throughout the last year, whether it is about international agreements, emulators outside the European Union, or the flagship sanctions.

Discover in this document the trends that are emerging around the application of the regulation, through numerous statistics per country, sectors of activity, records of sanctions as well as the highlights of 2020 throughout the European Union.