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How to align people, process and technology?

The Belgian CISOs we talked to all had the same challenge to face: aligning people, process, and technology? How to align technology with security processes amongst different people, from various departments, often in different regions while on the other hand suffering a severe security workforce shortage?

Many CISOs have to predict, detect, and respond to the increasing amount of cyber threats with few people and can no longer see the forest for the trees.

How to prioritize

It is impossible to cover yourself against all threats in cyberspace. And even if you could, you wouldn’t be able to afford it. So, you need to prioritize. You need to know where your data resides in order to identify areas that require security measures.

A Security Maturity Assessment is a useful tool to help you identify your organization’s current Cyber Security Maturity Level when it comes to people, process and technology and their alignment. It indicates where you are compared to your industry peers and gives you a clear and actionable plan in which priorities are set for your specific company. The size, the industry you are in, the structure, processes and much more will, of course, be crucial aspects in the creation of such a plan.

Technology will remain an undeniable part of it too. At SecureLink we can offer you vendor-independent advice. Given our broad portfolio, we have a clear overview of the capabilities of the different brands. However, technology alone won’t seal the deal. You need people, skilled people, to develop, implement, monitor and manage your security equipment and to protect your data.

Finding these skilled experts is not easy. Retaining them is even more difficult. We don’t need to explain this issue to you. You experience it on a daily basis.

A solution worth considering is ‘Managed Services.’ With Managed Services, security specialists monitor your infrastructure and analyze incidents on a 24/7 basis if necessary. They can help you respond in a fast and adequate way when an incident occurs.

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The risk of End-Users

Incidents can be caused internally too. End-users can make severe mistakes. To avoid this, SecureLink offers Security Awareness Trainings. These are customized trainings for c-levels, developers, end-users and more. To give you an example, we coach developers in ‘Privacy-by-design’ which is required by the GDPR. When developing software or applications, security needs to be built-in.

Logically, you want to know that your security approach is efficient at the beginning, during and at the end of your process. It is essential to check whether your organization is secure or not. From our control & audit department, our specialized experts will carry out the necessary checks (which might involve some ethical hacking). This allows us to detect weaknesses which will can be addressed during strategic consultancy.

As cybersecurity is an ongoing process, there will always be new threats, and consequently, new products and services to tackle them. Short-term thinking is not an option. You must have a future-proof cybersecurity policy.

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Webinar Findings from the 2019 Security Maturity Report

Our CISO Richard Jones and CRO Eward Driehuis will talk about the findings from the 2019 Security Maturity Report in a webinar on June 19 at 12 PM. This report is based on all the Security Maturity Assessments we performed at our customer’s across Europe.

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