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The shortage of skilled staff

Perimeter security is definitely not what keeps the Belgian CISOs awake at night. The technology that exists today is reliable enough to cover that part.

The problem occurs when hackers do get into your network and can move without being noticed. This is when the real damage is done. Do you have the skilled resources to detect threats and respond to them? Will your team be able to offer you constant visibility and identify false positives from real incidents?

Many of our customers have a fix IT team that has the required skillset to perform the daily IT management of the company. Investing in other, more specialized profiles isn’t always worth it, they proclaim. And besides, will you be able to find your experts and retain them? Does the board give you the budgets to hire these experts? Unfortunately, the answers are often negative. That is why many businesses choose to outsource their IT security through Managed Services.

Outsourcing IT Security through Managed Services

SecureLink’s Managed Services are recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

SecureLink just got recognized by Gartner as a notable vendor in “Europe context: Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services” (for NOC and CDC). Gartner describes an increased appetite for buyers to look for European managed security service providers. The market is maturing, and most companies are looking for a European player because of regulatory requirements, driven by an increased number of breaches and the need for localized services.

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Network Operating Center (NOC)


Some companies need 24/7/365 monitoring of their network. A Network Operating Center takes care of the daily management of your network by monitoring the system and executing the daily necessary updates or upgrades at the right time while security is constantly integrated. Depending on your requirements, you can choose for device monitoring and remote assistance or for a fully managed service which includes the resolution of incidents, the execution of configuration changes and the installation of new firmware and software updates.

These are the 4 building blocks of SecureLink’s NOC:

  • Service Management (SLA & KPI reporting),
  • Design Authority (Network Architects at your disposal),
  • Remote Assistance (Changes & software upgrades, RMAs),
  • Remote Monitoring (Monitoring for performance/connectivity & alerting + backups)

What is SecureLink’s added value?

As mentioned above, cybersecurity is always integrated. At SecureLink, all experts have cybersecurity knowledge which means that they will detect threats even if you are not a CDC (Cyber Defense Center) customer. They will perform the first analysis and will call the SecureLink CSIRT service (Cyber Security Incident Response Team) when you see it fit.

Our NOC experts have strong knowledge of our broad technology portfolio. Some of them have been working for SecureLink since its establishment.

Why would you opt for NOC?

Many companies choose to outsource their NOC because they simply can’t afford their own. It takes much time, resources, expensive monitoring tools and effort to organize this by yourself. At SecureLink, we developed our own tools in-house. This is too big of an expense for many customers. That is why they opt for cost-efficiency, which means outsourcing. The extra asset SecureLink gives you, is the extra security layer on top.

Cyber Defense Center (CDC)

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Doubling the Managed Security Services (MSS) customer base year over year since 2016, SecureLink offers Managed Detection and Response, emergency response, threat intelligence, vulnerability management, and managed prevention services. Our Cyber Defense Center is driven by advanced data processing, threat intelligence and state of the art technology. Dozens of analysts provide advanced analytics on a day-to-day basis.

This next-generation Security Operating Center (SOC) is about more than just relying on SIEM technology. It is also about having the right expertise. Our experienced security analysts can monitor your infrastructure 7x24x365 and react in the appropriate way when threats are detected. They help you to focus on real incidents and filter out the false positives.

Why is SecureLink different from other MSS providers?

At SecureLink, we have the scalability of a European company (we even have a Cyber Defense Center in China), but we are still flexible enough to offer you help from local experts, in your language. We get the regional differences and legislation, and we understand that companies want their data close, preferably in the same continent.

We work with best-of-breed technologies. This may sound like a buzz word, but it is essential to mention. As a vendor-independent MSS provider, we are able to choose the technology that fits best. We are not bound to specific vendors. We invest much time in research and a lot of money on resources. Resources with the right skills. The only reason why we can offer you expertise in so many technologies is that we invest in attracting and keeping specialists.

Scalability also brings advantages when it comes to preventing, detecting and responding to threats. When we have discovered a threat in a customer’s environment, we use this knowledge to prevent this from happening at other customers. This means that we can detect and respond much quicker and faster.

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