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Cloud security

Cloud gives you flexibility, scalability and agility. But how do you secure your processes?

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Data-centric security

Do you know where your data is stored? Do you know who has access? How do you apply the right protection levels, regardless of where it resides – within your traditional network perimeter, in the cloud, or on an endpoint?

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Endpoint security

Protecting endpoints is key, from critical servers to remote workers’ laptops. Most attacks, from ransomware to targeted espionage, touch the endpoint.

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Ethical hacking

Security assessments deal with facts not opinions and provide you with vital decision making information. Our senior team has been conducting security assessments for over 20 years

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Identity and access management

In today’s digital world, the firewall-based perimeter protection we have trusted for so long, is no longer sufficient. Instead, the identity is becoming the new perimeter in zero-trust-based approaches.

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OT/IoT security

OT, ICS and office IT are increasingly sharing networks. Production, sensors, health and medical equipment are now increasingly interconnected with IT and cloud.

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Secure infrastructure

Innovation and tech evolve at dizzying speeds. Digital transformation is no longer optional. How do you ensure that your technology platform helps you, not just to survive, but to thrive?

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Security intelligence

Regardless of how good your security is, there will be incidents. It’s not the cards you’re dealt – it’s how you play the game.

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