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Build a safer digital society

What happens when a business undergoes an unpredictable transformation in just a few weeks?

As organizations globally have now embraced a 100% remote workforce and customer base, the traditional way we conduct business may be forever changed.

Our first virtual event took place on 24th November. Did you miss it? Don’t worry, you can now watch all the talks on demand. Gain insight from our subject matter experts and researchers on the systemic factors that drive the advances in cybersecurity.

Discover interactive, thought leadership talks and intelligence-based key findings and enjoy a streamlined selection of topics built to pinpoint the top critical issues you should consider to stay ahead of the weather.

Watch all our talks on demand

Climate Change in Cybersecurity: Keynote panel

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Take a CyberSOC ride

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How to manage identity in a multi-cloud journey

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Bridging the gap between OT & IT

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SASE - Simplifying your network security architecture for the future

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Active directory; an attacker’s playground

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Climate vs weather signals: The path to intelligence-led security

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Raising employees security awareness in a fun way

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Turning Managed Detection and Response Inside-Out

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Understanding the nuts and bolts of Microsoft 365 security

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Climate change in cybersecurity

What happens when business transformation takes place in a matter of weeks?

At Orange Cyberdefense, we believe that the threat landscape in any region or industry emerges through the relationship between three primary systems – structural forces, inflationary forces and the evolution of technology. When these massive forces, that shape the threat landscape shift, then the impact can be enormous.

During the first half of 2020 such a systemic shift occurred with the advent of a global crisis, initiating the rapid adoption of new digital practices for work and commerce. As a result of this unprecedented event, a process of business transformation, that would normally have taken years, was started and completed in a matter of weeks.

The ‘systemic’ factors that need to be considered, are deeply woven into the fabric or societies and economies and therefore far beyond the means of a single corporation to counter directly. Think of it in terms of ‘weather’ and ‘climate’. You can counter the effects of the weather by staying indoors, dressing warmly or carrying an umbrella, but you can’t counter climate change and global warming in the same way.

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