Professional Application Security

Safeguard applications around-the-clock, our approach layers multiple security technologies with access to unmatched expertise.

Expert & Dynamic Cloud Security

Adoption of SaaS applications, IaaS & PaaS services has added a new dimension to global cybersecurity concerns.

Compliance Management

We have a range of compliance services, a reliable and cost-effective means of ensuring compliance requirements are attained and upheld.

Identity & Access Management

Access to business data whilst allowing remote access to business assets requires the balancing of accessibility & security.

Endpoint Security & Safety

With the latest cybersecurity attacks and breaches, it has become evident that the endpoint has become the latest battleground.

Complete Network Security

Maintaining a secure network is a complex exercise requiring accurate configuration of security devices as well as ongoing monitoring of the device’s performance.

Secure and Flexible Remote Access

Remote access to business assets requires the balancing of accessibility and security control of internal systems from external request sources.

Secure Web & Email Gateway

The web has become one of the primary attack vectors. Companies offering web services are under attack from SQL-infection or Cross-Site Scripting attacks.

Security Management & Maintenance

Secure networks also require the ongoing logging of activity and regular testing for threats and exploitable weaknesses as part of a robust vulnerability management program.

Vulnerability Management

Effective, false-positive free, vulnerability discovery is the first step that needs to be taken in any vulnerability management and patching program.