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Alexander Lindeskär

Alexander Lindeskär

In 2016 I was looking for the next step in my career. Orange Cyberdefense had a great offer for an assignment at a global enterprise with exciting new technologies in focus, which was an opportunity that I was excited to join.

Today my work is split in two roles: platform administration and data analysis.

To manage our customer’s Splunk platforms I get use my experience with server and network infrastructure, together with automation tools and the knowledge of my Splunk and Orange colleagues. The other aspect is using the platform to gain value, knowledge, and security insight from the data in the environment itself. For most customers this data stream is already large and always growing. This makes both roles challenging!

Splunk is a tool with a wide set of possibilities to gain value from data. The work tasks in and outside the tool are diverse and challenging, so a customer can always develop their methods to be better. It’s rewarding to be a part of their development.

My roles provide interesting assignments with continuous personal development. I have not spent a single month not learning something new!

The breadth of customers provides a nice change of focus. Additionally, the humble and experienced colleagues, together with an open and transparent leadership, is something I value a lot. The most challenging part of the job is to prioritize between projects and tasks, they are all so interesting.

I love that moment when I pick up new technology or a new tool, learn about it, and apply it in a customer environment. It is a really great feeling when you see the improvement and value created!