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SecureLink and iT-CUBE SYSTEMS join forces

SecureLink and iT-CUBE SYSTEMS join forces

The expansion of the cybersecurity champion in Europe

Today, SecureLink, the leader in cybersecurity and managed security services in the Benelux, the Nordics and the UK has entered into a proposed agreement to acquire iT-CUBE SYSTEMS AG, the leading German cybersecurity and managed security services provider.

The combined company will:

  • protect customers against cyber threats from five different Cyber Defense Centers (CDC) and four Network Operating Centers (NOC), providing a 24/7 service, 365 days with geographical spread;
  • unite one of the largest cybersecurity centers with critical infrastructure knowledge centers  enabling the company to rely on 625 specialists  who have strong security and infrastructure expertise;
  • help national and international customers from nine countries and sixteen different locations;
  • help customers manage cyber threats through training provided in one of the largest independent training centers in the region;
  • achieve a revenue of 250 million euros for the calendar year 2016;
  • offer its customers a broad portfolio consisting of leading cybersecurity and infrastructure solutions that achieve the highest customer satisfaction scores in the market;
  • have a strong management with Andreas Mertz as CEO. Andreas Süß will further lead the DACH region as COO. Andreas Mertz will join the Group management.

“iT-CUBE consists of a team of real security natives who excel in the security landscape with their innovative solutions. The company has been operating since 2001. Andreas and his team have developed a leading company in the German market. We share the same philosophy, have the same can-do mentalitytowards our customers and we believe this expansion is an excellent fit. It is in line with our strategy to expand in Europe, leading the consolidation on cybersecurity and managed security services” says Marco Barkmeijer, CEO of the SecureLink Group.

Andreas Mertz, who successfully managed iT-CUBE SYSTEMS for more than 15 years in the DACH region, will continue to run the Germany-based unit. Andreas shares the excitement: “As the German branch of a stable international group of cybersecurity and managed security services providers, we think globally, but we are able to optimally serve the needs of the local market of course.”

SecureLink and iT-CUBE SYSTEMS join forces

The whole staff of iT-CUBE SYSTEMS will benefit from the SecureLink Group integration in multiple areas. In addition to the future international career opportunities within the Group, there are many synergies for example in terms of services, and the strong vendor relationships of SecureLink.