What is it like to work at Orange Cyberdefense Sweden?

Let our employees tell you in their own words.

Alexander Lindeskär


The breadth of customers provides a nice change of focus. Additionally, the humble and experienced colleagues, together with an open and transparent leadership, is something I value a lot. The most challenging part of the job is to prioritize between projects and tasks, they are all so interesting.

Saikrishna Gundeti


An important factor for me, which Orange Cyberdefense supports, is a good work-life balance. I have the control and freedom of managing my time, which of course comes with great responsibility. We support and keep each other accountable which allows me to be flexible and produce high quality of work, and I work hard to keep the trust. It’s a real win/win.

Charlie Jeppsson

PS Team lead

At Orange Cyberdefense, we strive for a 'challenge culture', where we together create a fast-paced company that is always one step ahead. We cut long decision making stages and our employees feel seen because they themselves are involved and decide the way forward. Orange Cyberdefense really sees the individual in every employee and cares about the soft values.