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Ensure your applications are secure

Web and mobile applications are now critical to your business, but they’re also a prime target for malicious hackers. With attacks on the rise, it’s essential to ensure your applications are secure and protected.

From identifying source code security flaws, to monitoring for authentication and authorisation issues in real-time, Orange Cyberdefense’s experts can gauge precisely how an application impacts your attack surface and security posture. Our ethical hackers have almost two decades of experience in exploiting applications during Penetration Tests and Red Team exercises. In the last 12 months alone, we have discovered numerous zero-day exploits in some of the world’s best-known software, making us the ideal people to examine and secure the applications your business depends on.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced risk: Comprehensive reviews increases the chance of finding any security issues before a hacker does.
  • Exhaustive testing: Experienced security consultants review the application from a hacker’s perspective.
  • Time saving: Implementing our findings at the development stage reduces ongoing rewriting and patching to resolve security flaws.
  • Systematic approach: Following industry recommended practises produce consistent results.
  • Improved application resilience: Testing from the criminal’s perspectives highlight weaknesses hackers look for.


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