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A technical dive into the Palo Alto Networks portfolio

Certified Professional Service Provider Workshop @ Palo Alto Networks

  • When?April 25,26 2016
  • Who?Palo Alto Networks
  • What?Technical workshop for Professional Service engineers

Last week I visited the offices of Palo Alto in Amsterdam for a two-day CPSP (Certified Professional Service Provider) workshop. The seminar was a mix of deep technical dives into certain aspects of the Palo Alto portfolio and more pre-sales oriented information.

Technical summary

The two days were filled with eight different presentations. The presenters were Palo Alto Professional Service engineers who have a lot of knowledge to share. It was clear that their experience came from working with big European clients and not just from studying the Palo Alto courseware. Jonathan Brenchley gave an awesome presentation on VM-Series for Amazon Web Services.

The main focus of Jorgen Rosink from VMware was not the integration with Palo Alto. It was the potential of NSX in general and the future ofsecurity between virtual endpoints. Mladen Djeric then showcased the full power of the VM-1000 with the help of a small demo. Although it is clear that this new area of security has a lot of possibilities, some technical flaws will need to be smoothed out first.

As an engineer who performs installations and migrations, the part about API and Scripting using the PAN Configurator had a lot of added value. Jonathan showed us some relatively easy-to-use syntaxes which will certainly prove to be big time savers. Bulk edit, reporting and fine-tuning the output of the Migration Tool are some things that will make my live easier.

Peter van Schaik kicked off the Traps session of the workshop with a sales pitch enlightening us about the opportunities in the Endpoint market. Marius, Ilker van den Berg and Piersante Cortese then gave us a profound insight into technical installation and troubleshooting. It was notable that Orange Cyberdefense Belgium and Orange Cyberdefense Netherlands (Sven Mik was clearly awake) were one of the few participants who actually had some experience with Traps. Unfortunately the size of the group (I think about 35 engineers attended) did not allow a more hands-on approach, but I heard this may change in future CPSP events.


The main focus of this CPSP program was NSX Virtualization and Traps. The deep technical nature of the presentation was refreshing. Meeting the CP’s of Palo Alto, and of course our European con-colleagues was certainly enriching.

More information on the CPSP program can be found here: https://www.paloaltonetworks.com/services/cpsp-partners