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Early Warning Systems Start with SIEM

Does Mystic Meg do threat predictions? No. And nor would we want her to. Russell Grant, Psychic Sally and Jonathan Cainer can’t help either. Predicting the attack vectors of malware threats is impossible – sure we can identify trends and known sources to limit exposure, but we have to accept that malware and security threats will always be out there. Yet, controlling risk is the name of the game for businesses. Information is the key to early threat detection and SIEM (security information and event management) is the method for enabling this early warning system. The response to emerging threats is very often to go out and buy the latest appliance, “now with added threat destruction” to protect against possible attacks. There’s nothing wrong with this and the desire to return the risk profile to equilibrium, but in the bigger scheme of things, adding more and more tin to your defences each time a new threat emerges is a tough strategy to sustain. It also doesn’t solve the problem. New threats will always be out there – isn’t there a better way to approaching security strategy? Rather than setting more mousetraps, we think a better approach is to make more of the tools you already have. SIEM is all about extracting the information from across your security devices and the wider network logs that will already be produced in their millions every day. The data exists, but only by correlating and analysing it in the right way, can we produce security intelligence that allows IT teams to eradicate threats in their early stages. Rather than plugging the holes in a leaky sieve, Orange Cyberdefense are cleaning up what’s inside it. The beauty of SIEM is that it is much more than the sum of the parts. Logs and events are not the most glamorous of beginnings, but real time intelligence on what’s happening across your network based on your own data is extremely valuable for understanding risk, for buying time in threat resolution and in optimising IT resources. Improving the organisation’s capability to manage threats in an early stage makes a profound contribution to managing risk and improving IT service availability. To learn more about SIEM, download our guide on ‘Simple Steps to Solving SIEM Strategy’ or call us to discuss your challenges on 01622 723456