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Finding the right integrator

IT is definitely not what it was ten years ago. Cybersecurity is but one part of the whole in which Orange Cyberdefense chose to specialize. We started really basic 15 years ago by installing firewalls and anti-virus. However, nowadays, cybersecurity has become way more than moving boxes. Security is no stand-alone product. It is integrated into all layers, into switching, wireless, infrastructure, virtualization etc.

In this blog, I want to explain what Orange Cyberdefense does, what differentiates us and what motivates us to take certain decisions. I want to share some specific insights into our company.

What does Orange Cyberdefense exactly do?

First of all, let me summarize what Orange Cyberdefense does, as this is quite crucial.

We help you cope with your cybersecurity challenges. That implies:

  • The design of your architecture with the right technologies
  • The implementation thereof
  • Customized after-sales support (also through 24/7 Managed Services)

Your environment is built upon multiple technologies. When there is a problem with one of them, there is often more ‘going on.’ The various layers that interact affect each other. That is why, at Orange Cyberdefense, we train our consultants to know the OSI-model thoroughly.

On top of that, we have a broad portfolio of technologies. We don’t do everything, that would be impossible. Therefore, we make well-considered decisions when selecting the ones we integrate into our portfolio. We need to guarantee their quality, and we need to ensure that we have the right in-house expertise.

The power of scale

The fact that we are now a European player offers great benefits as well. We can group our expertise and rely on a broader expert group. The resources we have on European level allow us to perform our own research, to learn from it and to make more accurate predictions and decisions. It has made us more critical in a good way. The industry-specific understandings we get are very useful to all local customers, big and small.

On top of that, many businesses experience the ‘war for talent. We would lie if we didn’t have challenges in this area too. Again, here it helps to be a European player. It gives us more specialized knowledge than ever before. Scaling and grouping our services gives our customers clear prize and (24/7) availability advantages.

The reason why businesses often opt to outsource their IT security, is because they can’t have an IT team that knows everything, that has the time to do it, that is affordable and that will stay at the company until the end of time.

Orange Cyberdefense cybersecurity


Do you want more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Resource stability is key

Stability is another significant advantage of Orange Cyberdefense: we are a very financially stable company, and we have a very low employee turnover (only 8%).

We were recently certified as a ‘Great Place to Work’ by the Vlerinck Business School. Maybe this explains this low turnover and the low number of absenteeism.

Anyways, many of the faces our loyal customers saw 10 years ago, are still the ones that help them today. This personal connection is essential to us. Knowing the customer’s environment is a great added value.

We are very proud of our dedicated team. They will do everything to solve the problem, even when things go wrong, we always deliver.

But, we need to invest in new talent too. The Orange Cyberdefense University program is a dedicated training program we offer to freshly-graduated IT specialists. We train them on the job because, just like you, we also need to put effort into finding and creating new experts. New people can bring new knowledge in this rapidly changing industry.

This results in ‘more faces’ of course. Whereas in earlier days, one person would come to solve your problem, there might be multiple now with each their own specialized skills. This has become inevitable. The complexity of cybersecurity is not what it was ten years ago.

But, we still offer our customers the choice: a familiar face or a new one. Timing might be a decisive factor when making this decision.

The transformation of Orange Cyberdefense: what’s in it for you?

As mentioned before, Orange Cyberdefense is not the business it was 15 years ago. We started as a small startup in Antwerp with three employees and today, we are a European company that has taken over multiple businesses such as Raido, ZIONSECURITY, Coresec, IT cube, Nebulas etc. And, in our turn, we recently got acquired by Orange Cyber Defense.

We did these acquisitions to offer our customers a full cybersecurity service as security is interfering in every layer of the OSI-model. We couldn’t stay behind and so can’t you.

All these acquisitions require transformations too. We need to learn, adjust, implement more processes etc. This is sometimes noticeable, yet unfortunately, inevitable.

The ‘upsizing’ of Orange Cyberdefense has advantages too of course, as stated above, we can react more quickly to the changing cybersecurity landscape. We do our own research, follow trends closely and even predict them. And, last but not least, we can design and implement tailor-made solutions together with the customer.

All the aspects I mentioned so far, are part of Orange Cyberdefense’s DNA. If you agree, disagree or if you would like more information, please do not hesitate to fill out the contact form.