Detect & respond

You can put your faith in luck.

Or you can invest in detection and response services to handle attacks, business interruption, data loss and compliance breaches.

How do you ensure that you have the readiness and ability to manage security incidents? A defender has to cover all bases, plug all the holes, and adapt to all new threats. The intruder only has to find a single flaw to exploit and gain access to your critical assets. Prevention mechanisms have to be solidly designed and implemented to provide the appropriate level of protection. In addition, detection and response capabilities are critical, to ensure unwanted behavior and intrusions are detected and blocked.

Where technology meets process and people

Regardless of whether an organization decides to build full functionality for security analysis and incident response internally, or whether skills are sourced from a trusted security partner, they have to be there. Orange Cyberdefense has helped many large organizations design and build Security Operations Centers (SOCs), with advanced technology, optimized processes, and the appropriate skills and personnel. Building your own SOC means that you get the ability to adjust it to your specific requirements, work across organizational borders, and get the most out of your security analysis platforms. Being a trusted security partner, Orange Cyberdefense is often contracted as the extended arm of customers’ security organizations. From our Cyber Defense Centers (CDCs),we deliver advanced security analysis and response services to customers across the globe. Services are delivered 24×7, and customers can benefit from findings that affect customers across multiple industries and geographies.

Detection and response feedback loop

Security detection and response capabilities are absolutely critical for an organization. By quickly detecting, understanding and responding to security incidents, damages and negative consequences are reduced. Not only are short-term incident management effects important, but they also help with the longer-term evolution of security controls, adapted to the insights and conclusions from the security analysis team. The complete security lifecycle is enhanced, as value is transferred from incident investigations into enhancements of the protection mechanisms.

Not just a SOC, a Cyber Defense Center

Orange Cyberdefense has a market-leading suite of advanced Managed Detection and Response services. We help customers design and build fully customized SOCs on-site.

We also deliver managed services within:

  • SecureDetect
    • Based on security log data and SIEM platforms, advanced network analysis, or endpoint detection and response technology, we deliver 24×7 security detection and response services
  • SecureRespond

Quarantine of infected endpoints, malware analysis, and SIRT services are all available within the SecureRespond suite.


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