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Security Navigator 2021 webinar

You have downloaded your copy and want to better understand the data and get your most burning questions answered by our researchers and on the ground experts?

In this session, the Orange Cyberdefense UK Product and Marketing Director, Stuart Reed, will moderate a panel of “threat” experts to deep dive into the most intricate findings of our recently published report.

Charl van der Walt, Head of our Security Research Centre, together with with members of his team, Wicus Ross and Diana Selck-Paulsson will take you through the research and the threat model which they, together with colleagues from other countries have developed thanks to 100% first-hand intelligence obtained from the 17 global SOCs & CyberSOCs of Orange Cyberdefense globally.

You’ll also be able to learn more about the attack patterns and statistics for your business size and vertical, as well as what the disruption events were for 2020 and how they may project into the future.

We have 2 dates available which you can pick from the drop-down menu in the registration page:

20th January 2020 at 8:30am GMT

25th January 2020 at 4pm GMT



Stuart Reed, Product and Marketing Director 


Charl van der Walt, Head of our Security Research Centre

Diana Selck-Paulsson, Diana Selck-Paulsson

Wicus Ross, Senior Security Researcher

Wicus Ross - ITWeb Security Summit 2020 | ITWeb

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