SensePost is the specialist pen testing arm or Orange Cyberdefense, renowned for its expertise, 20 year track-record and innovation on the frontlines of cybersecurity.

Who are we?

With team members that include some of the world’s most preeminent cybersecurity experts, SensePost has helped governments, military organisations, and blue-chip companies both review and protect their information security and stay ahead of evolving threats.

SensePost is also a prolific publisher of leading research articles and tools on cybersecurity which are widely recognised and used throughout the industry and feature regularly at industry conferences including BlackHat and DefCon.

In a nutshell:

What we've been up to

Orange Cyberdefense

39 public presentations we've given in the past year

Orange Cyberdefense

623 students who've Attended our training courses worldwide in the last twelve months

Orange Cyberdefense

8212 projects performed for our clients in the past 24 months

Trey Ford

Blackhat review board

Hacking is serious business - Sensepost represents our profession with raw ability, humanity, creativity and unmistaken charm