Financial Services & Insurance

The Finance industry is facing unprecedented challenges

Trust is the main currency

The whole industry operates in providing, selling and buying trust.
Sponsors trust their investments to be safe, financiers trust their beneficiaries, customers trust their insurances.
Once trust is lost it is hard to gain back.

Protect data and business operations

Dealing with new competitors, stricter regulations, and customers looking for a better and easier digital experience, financial institutions need to be agile and innovative to secure their assets and continue to generate revenue.

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Find out what cybersecurity incidents are affecting the Finance & Insurance industry

Explore some key findings from our Security Navigator 2021 

  • Finance continues to have a higher amount of confirmed Social Engineering Incidents than other sectors
  • In particular we see lots of confirmed Phishing Incidents
  • This year, we have also detected Denial of Service attacks against Finance. No other industry had as many confirmed DoS attacks than this one (absolute number is still relatively low)
  • Trends follow the overall trend we have seen
  • A higher volume of Incidents has occurred during Q1, followed by quite a decrease in April and especially in May, while Incidents increased again in June and July



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Know yourself, know your enemy

R&D and intelligence-led at the heart of our DNA to help you anticipate and better understand the threat


experts dedicated to innovation and threat research


of our pentesters' time is dedicated to research


publications and articles presented at cyber conferences last year


days in advance entries can be seen versus other sources

2 500

unique TI entries not known to any other source


CVE's assigned to us by MITRE

We help financial institutions worldwide to prevent cyberattacks, protect customer data and comply with regulations


Trusted by top-level finance players all over the world we offer proven experience in detecting and responding to threats


Over 2,100 multi-skilled cybersecurity experts, 16 SOCs, 10 CyberSOCs and 4 international Incident Response Teams


Offices at top financial centers in Paris, London, Frankfurt, Moscow and Shanghai, ensuring you first-class service where you most need it


24/7 dedicated support to help you set up and run a strategic, integrated security approach

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Fight smarter, not harder!

To get ahead of the storm, one has to know the weather. And for long-term planning, it is inevitable to get expert insight into climate changes.

Though the cyber threat landscape appears to be volatile, fast-changing and chaotic at first glance, it is driven by systemic forces. Reading these forces will result in better, more effective prevention, detection and response.

That is why intelligence is at the heart of everything we do.

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