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Challenges are endless, but your resources are finite.

Finding the appropriate level of cybersecurity requires grasping your risk appetite, and compliance and business requirements. How do you plan the best mix of people, processes and technology, to safely enable your business?

Plans are nothing – planning is everything. 100% security cannot be obtained. This makes the importance of proper planning so critical. Without the right preparation, even the best intentions risk failure. When planning your cybersecurity program, you should have a solid structure with secured resources and optimized use of technology. At the same time, you must have built-in flexibility and readiness to respond to the unexpected.

Whitepaper on how to improve your cybersecurity rating

Digital innovation: heaven for cybercriminals

Third-party connections extend the company’s security perimeter and thus enlarge its attack vector. This increases the attractiveness for cybercriminals exponentially. So, more than ever, your ability to proactively detect, monitor, and respond to cybersecurity incidents becomes business-critical. In this session, we will take a look at a well-thought-out cybersecurity incident response strategy that will foster your digital innovation efforts. Is it possible to prevent all incidents, or is it better to ‘prepare for the worst’, with a well-thought-out crisis plan?

By Steve Bielen, Cyber Security Advisor at Orange Cyberdefense

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Showing you the path

The Orange Cyberdefense advisory team has extensive experience in working with organizations, providing expert advice and recommendations. Together with your business and technology experts, we design and architect cybersecurity functions and solutions, to ensure you have the appropriate level of protection. We help you allocate your resources in relation to risks, business opportunities, and across the security lifecycle.

Planning means control, control means less risk

By having a well-structured program and architecture for cybersecurity, resources can be allocated and spent in the most efficient manner. Risks are well managed, compliance requirements are met, and business opportunities can be realized in a safe manner.

A guide for every step along the way

Define, plan and go!

We help you look closer

Pre-defined assessment services with clear deliverables help to find and eliminate weak spots.

Actionable advise

Proven processes and experienced consultants help you staying agile and resilient.

Compliance support

No-surprise audit: we help you get compliant with your regulations, whether it's GDPR, privacy or ISO-standards.

Higher performance & lower costs

Get the best out of your security budget through cleverly designed security architecture and fine-tuned solutions.

Your roadmap to better security

Whether you need one-time support to get started or long-term regular consulting: we are there for you.

Fight smarter, not harder!

To get ahead of the storm, one has to know the weather. And for long-term planning, it is inevitable to get expert insight into climate changes.

Though the cyber threat landscape appears to be volatile, fast-changing and chaotic at first glance, it is driven by systemic forces. Reading these forces will result in better, more effective prevention, detection and response.

That is why intelligence is at the heart of everything we do.

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Whitepaper on how to improve your cybersecurity rating

In this whitepaper, you will get insights on how to assess your current cybersecurity level (or that of a partner or a company you wish to purchase), how to improve it via a pragmatic approach, and the available outsourcing capabilities.
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