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Belgian hospital network is down!

What if this would happen during this Coronacrisis?

To all of you, nurses, medical doctors, garbage collectors, politicians, researchers, employees in supermarkets, farmers, people working in public transport, machine operators, florists, etc. a big thank you! You are heroes!

Our heroes are also those people working as IT-hotline operators. They make sure that, during this Corona epidemic, everything keeps running because, without IT, nothing would continue these days.

How would you behave when under extreme stress?

Imagine you are a CISO, for example, and your organization encounters a severe cybersecurity incident. It would be your primary responsibility and priority to reduce the impact of the cyberattack and get the vital IT-systems up and running again.

During such an incident, you will most likely experience severe stress. Do you think you will behave differently in such a situation? And if so, will this affect the emergency process?

In 2016, I did a benchmark sponsored by ‘Het Instituut voor Eclectische Psychologie in Nijmegen, Nederland’[1], based on MindSonar[2] investigating the way CISOs and Business Continuity Managers behave in normal working conditions and under extreme stress caused by cyber threats. A valuable insight, among others, was that under pressure, a majority of CISOs ignore the security policies and the underlying procedures they have set. That means that their usual tendency to enforce necessary rules with sufficient warmth and empathy can flip to behaving harshly. Another somewhat contradictory conclusion was that in such a situation, their tendency to be tenacious to the usual rules, despite encountering significant obstacles, could hinder their progress and evolves in losing control over the situation.

In such cases, you can always ask cybersecurity experts to perform an in-depth analysis and decide upon the next steps. If an emergency occurs, you can always call our 24/7 hotline to gain control during the crisis. Even during these times of Covid-19, we protect our consultants as much as we can to ensure continuity for our customers. Our experts are trained to remain helpful and calm during the most stressful situations.

We are very proud of our hotline operators and helpdesk employees. All of them are well-trained people, and they are able, even in times of crisis, to pursue solutions that are beneficial to all parties concerned.

They are our heroes too! 

Take care of each other!

[1] IEP makes people more successful in their job and stronger as a human being.

[2] MindSonar is like an X-Ray Machine for the Mind.

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