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Palo Alto Networks SKO 2017 | Breaking Away

The Palo Alto Networks’Sales Kick Off started on the 22nd of August. We certainly couldn’t miss this event, so my colleague Simen Van der Perre and I, we grabbed our luggage and flew to Nashville, Tennessee.

On the first day, we were immediately put to the test: we took the PSE (professional presales) exam. This exam is very important to maintain our Palo Alto Networks Diamond Partner Status. After the exam, we attended the QBR session in which they put emphasis on selling Aperture, Autofocus and Traps to customers that already have a Palo Alto Networks firewall. Throughout the day, we met a lot of interesting people who work at Coresec and Nebulas. Two months ago, the companies, who share the same vision as ours, became part of the SecureLink Group.


What’s new?

On the second day, the event really took off. In the morning, there was a general session in which Palo Alto Networks announced the results as well as the new features and products for the year to come.
The focus was mainly on the new PANOS version . In addition, they explained the benefits of the Cyber Security Platform (Wildfire, Traps, Firewall, Aperture, Autofocus) in order to tackle security threats at customers.

Palo Alto Networks’ Next-Generation Security Platform solution and its new features now cover a very large part of the security controls in enterprises. As security threats have become a complex interworking of different steps used by the attackers, they cannot be solved anymore by just implementing one single solution. A combination of different solutions that tightly work together is very important. Palo Alto Networks now offers such an integrated Cyber Security Platform that contains:

  • WildFire to detect malicious files that traverse a customer’s network
  • Traps to provide protection on the endpoint
  • The Palo Alto Networks next-gen firewall to protect companies at a network level
  • Aperture to enforce company security policies in the Cloud
  • Autofocus to provide threat intelligence and context of the attacks.

We can clearly conclude that Palo Alto Networks is breaking away from the other firewall vendors with the creation of their Cyber Security platform that will be beneficial for customers in the following ways:

  • It will provide a reduced threat footprint by preventing known and unknown attacks
  • The user policy is now spread across the entire platform: Next-Generation Firewall, the Advanced Endpoint Protection and the Aperture Cloud.
  • Palo Alto Networks’ Autofocus provides a clear overview of all events.


Palo Alto Networks announced the 3.4 version of Traps with added features such as Static Analysis via Machine Learning, Trusted Publisher validation and Remediation. As of this version, Traps is a complete replacement for all legacy anti-virus software on the marked.

Our little secret

On the last day of the trip, different PAN teams from all over the world talked about implementations they performed for customers. In the afternoon, we attended technical sessions called Roadmap, Threat, the Palo Alto Networks Security Platform and the Public Cloud. (AWS and Microsoft Azure). The sessions were very interesting, but, apart from the PA Security Platform, we can’t share all information yet. Keep an eye on our website!


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