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Orange Cyberdefense awarded title of Great Place to Work

Wommelgem, 19 March 2019 – Orange Cyberdefense Belgium, market leader in the field of cybersecurity and offering a range of professional services, solutions, technology, advice and 24/7 detection and response management, has been awarded the exclusive title of Great Place to Work from the Great Place to Work® Institute Belgium.

The annual study is conducted by the Great Place to Work® Institute Belgium in collaboration with Vlerick Business School. The institute’s aim is to make as many companies as possible a better place to work based on objective measures. The research is divided into two parts, including an audit identifying the efforts your company makes to create the most pleasant possible working environment for employees. In addition, employees are questioned about how they feel in the organisation. The employee survey is based on the following five values: fairness, credibility, pride, camaraderie and respect.

First attempt, immediate recognition

It is the first time that Orange Cyberdefense has participated. In order to receive the title, your organisation must beat a particular score in both surveys. The fact that it won the title of Great Place To Work with its first attempt came as a pleasant surprise to Orange Cyberdefense.

“We are naturally delighted and proud of this award. Of course, we had hoped to win it, but we assumed that this was a little over-ambitious in the first year. It is wonderful to see that we already have a great basis in various areas and, thanks to the results of the surveys, we now know what to focus on in the coming years to make Orange Cyberdefense an even better place to work”, says Kim Craenhals, HR Manager at Orange Cyberdefense Belgium.

One of the focus points at Orange Cyberdefense is ‘continuous learning in the organisation’. “We did already focus on knowledge and training but, as from this year, we really want to work on creating a learning culture. In doing so, our focus lies not only on offering training, but also on bringing people together so they can learn from each other. This also means you immediately strengthen cohesion within the company”, explains Masja Kinsbergen, Talent Manager at Orange Cyberdefense Belgium. Orange Cyberdefense has developed an intense training process for new IT graduates. “Not only do we focus on technical skills and knowledge, we also immerse these new graduates in our Orange Cyberdefense culture. They can therefore easily find their way in the company after completing the training”, believes Masja.

Fast-growing company

“In a sector where there is a massive war for talent, this award is also a wonderful asset in our recruitment,”, declares Jo Vander Schueren, General Manager at Orange Cyberdefense Belgium, “I am really proud that Orange Cyberdefense has been successful in earning this certificate. From now on, things can only get better!”

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