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When you need facts about the actual state of your security, our security assessments can help. Whether it’s understanding and emulating what a real threat actor could do in your environment, or a scientific and thorough enumeration of all potential vulnerabilities in an application or network – our SensePost team can help.

Security assessments deal with facts not opinions and provide you with vital decision making information. Our senior team has been conducting security assessments for over 20 years with a depth of experience that will give you comfort the work is high quality. Our research-lead approach means that our teams are on the cutting edge of their field and can be evaluated by their public research contributions through papers, tooling and conference presentations.

Key Benefits

  • Facts about the actual state of your security
  • Comprehensive and flexible approaches specific to your goals – from red teams to application deep dives
  • A senior and experienced team
  • Regular public research contributors

Services we offer

  • External Infrastructure
  • Cloud Security
  • Internal Infrastructure
  • Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Red Teaming
  • Security Consulting
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