Advisory services

  1. Assess and advise
  2. Advisory services

Orange Cyberdefense works on Business Information Security challenges with focus on establishing the balance between people, processes and technology. We firmly believe that cyber security ratings will become as important as credit ratings when assessing the risk of business relationships.

Orange Cyberdefense offers information security governance, risk management and compliance services, executed by a substantial team of senior Business Information Security experts with vast experience and a proven track record in various industry segments. Our senior experts have over a decade in experience guiding companies and governmental institutions towards the most optimal security cyber and information security strategy.

What we can offer you in a nutshell around several information security governance, risk and compliancy topics:

Prevent services


  • Governance, Risk & Compliancy advisory & tooling
    • Implementation services for international security standards like ISO27001, NEN7510, IEC62443, NIST, etc.
    • Performing risk assessments
    • Guidance towards compliance with regulations like GDPR, NIS, etc.
  • Cybersecurity roadmap development assistance
  • Data governance (discovery/inventory/classification)
  • Industrial and IoT security governance
  • Bespoke services
  • Cloud security assessment
  • Incident Response Plan workshop
  • Forensic IT readiness workshop
  • OT security assessment

Protect services


  • Identity and access management (IAM / PAM projects)
  • Develop and deliver employee security awareness trainings
  • Coaching and recruitment assistance
  • a.i. staffing (short-term) – we help to kickstart your security efforts
  • CISO and DPO as-a-service (long-term)
  • Bespoke services

Prove services


  • Internal audit and conformity control
  • Incident management / forensic IT governance
  • Bespoke services

In short, Orange Cyberdefense helps you to:


  • Enhance your security culture and environment based on your needs
  • Make intelligent decisions in a constantly changing security landscape
  • Gradually increase the maturity of your in-house IT security team
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