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People #13: How you approach trying new things and overcoming obstacles

Tips of the day!

Based on our experience with cybersecurity professionals, we can say that they tend to be very determined and persevere while executing a task. Despite many obstacles, they enjoy trying new things and experiment with new ways.

Theme of the day

The central theme in this blog is how to approach new things and overcome obstacles.

In my previous blog, I stated that your management is convinced that incorporating security into the software development cycle results in much better integration of development, operations, and security.

As we have seen, communicating diplomatically and directly is a critical factor in the successful implementation of DevSecOps.

When it comes to transforming the software development culture of your organization, the following obstacles will be considered as annoying and contra-productive:

– Being overly rigid;

– Fear of experimenting;

– Increased need to analyze pitfalls;

– Lack of assertiveness in overcoming issues;

– Fight against existing company structures and culture.

When I look at human behavior in DevSecOps, I see two possible attitudes holding the innovative potential of an organization back:

1) A few people are blocking the creative process because they are stubbornly persistent. They tend to be tenacious without sufficiently trying different ways to overcome obstacles. What they always do is what should remain, today and tomorrow.

2) Other people might lack persistence. They love to try new things and tend to do a great deal of experimenting. But, they create too many options. The implementation of DevSecOps may be hindered.

If one of the two situations happen during the implementation of DevSecOps, then the consequences are unfortunate.

Ask yourself

In cybersecurity, I recognize people that strongly prefer not to occupy a role/position that requires overcoming obstacles and people that often lack persistence. If you recognize you have such a tendancy, ten try the following process. See it as an experiment that offers new learning and therefore puts you that much closer to invention.

Remember, the key to invention is to have focused determination while letting the imagination run wild.

Process to develop persistence

1. How could increasing your determination or persistence help your career?

Reflect on, and list any area of your work in which you could be more determined or persistent. Rank (#1, #2, etc.) each item on the list according to its importance.

2. What result do you want to achieve with regard to <#1>? Followed by <#2>, etc.

3. What is your intention with regard to achieving that goal?

Describe in a clear way your intention to achieve that goal within a specific time. Review and change it until the intention is completely clear and you feel completely determined to fulfill it.

4. What could you start doing to fulfill that intention?

Explore and list ways you could implement your intentions.

5. Create an action plan to accomplish the intention you have.

The central theme of my next blog is about how you approach self-responsibility and collaboration.

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