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How to discover the weak points in your network

SecureLink & Juniper Networks are proud to offer you a free Application and Network Risk Report (ANR).

Exploring hidden security risks in your network can feel like a leap of faith. The ANR security assessment and report are based on a 2-week security assessment using Juniper Network’s new comprehensive security architecture:

  • The Juniper Networks SRX Next-Generation firewall platform with best-of-breed content filtering: anti-virus, anti-spam and web filter.
  • Juniper Network’s Sky ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) cloud sandboxing platform to detect previously unseen 0-day and targeted or evasive malware.
  • The OneConfig cloud-based management and reporting toolset.


This security assessment is completely non-invasive, so there is no impact on running enterprise services. The report provides a detailed insight into which applications are used within the network; the amount of sessions; and the traffic volume they consume, along with the current risks associated with them (based on a risk level and category). Below you can download an example of such an assessment. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!


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