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Boss of the SOC – Virtual Event

Splunk’s Boss of the SOC event is going to the next round. Join us to test your cyberdefense skills in this amazing CTF event.

Hopefully you’ve heard of Boss of the SOC (BOTS) and now it’s time to test your skills against the top Splunk security experts across Europe, Middle East and Africa in our first ever Virtual EMEA BOTS on Wednesday 30th September.

What is BOTS?

BOTS is a blue-team, capture-the-flag-esque (CTF) activity where participants use Splunk—and other tools—to answer a variety of questions about security incidents that have occurred in a realistic but fictitious enterprise environment. It’s designed to emulate how security teams respond to real security incidents. Imagine that you’ve just been made aware of a breach. The BOTS scenario challenges participants to trace the steps that led to the incident, and determine the extent of the compromise.

We recommend teams of four are put forward to participate. If you are a “lone warrior” don’t worry, we can add you to a team of other Splunk Security enthusiast.

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