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Taking the lead in making a safer digital South African society

August is always an exciting time for our South African friends, as they gear up for ITWeb Security Summit.

The 15th annual Security Summit is too important an event on the South African industry calendar for them to consider cancelling due to national lock-down. However due to the continuing uncertainty as to when large gatherings will be allowed again, they too have decided to run the Summit virtually, over 3 days between 25 – 27 August, including the conference & workshops agenda as well as the exhibition.

Members of Orange Cyberdefense like Charl van der Walt and Wicus Ross are renowned figures within the South African cybersecurity clan. Each year Charl is invited to lead the keynote. Thus, on 25th August he will present a talk based on the recent research paper COVID-19: A biological hazard goes digital, which was released last April, as the pandemic was spreading like wildfire and exacerbating the cybersecurity challenges.

On the other hand, Wicus, a Senior Lead researcher within Charl’s Security Research Team, has been invited to chair some tracks throughout the conference days.

Furthermore, the two speakers will also enjoy hosting an interactive breakout session where they will challenge the audience around their latest ground-breaking research on how misplaced trust in Secure Remote Access solutions can risk enterprise security. The research has been launched at Black Hat at the beginning of August and has been received with great fascination from the infosec industry.

Additionally, two security analysts from the SensePost, an ethical hacking team of Orange Cyberdefense, will deliver a technical demo showcasing Routopsy. Routopsy is a new open source network attack toolkit that leverages a  “virtual router” in a Docker container to scan for and attack various networking protocols and misconfigurations.

Lots going on on the other side of the hemisphere! Let’s go ZA!

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