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Love Your Logs

Are you still reading? Whilst it might not be the most stimulating of security tasks, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a must have. SIEM feeds on logs and in the fight against ever increasing malware threats, we think it’s time we learned to love our logs. Logs tend to suffer from an image problem. Benchmarking and setting up the right metrics can often be painstaking and few security pros are desperately keen to keep eyeballs on alert monitoring or reviewing log reports every day or week. It’s easy to see why SIEM isn’t the most popular kid in the class. Logs do however mean that we get to do other cool stuff. If you’ve got your logs locked down and pinging the right alerts and alarms, you can stop worrying about it and turn attention to other security tasks. Logs also give security teams a window on big data, wider network opps and application problems – you know how we’re all keen to eliminate IT silos – and SIEM is your ticket. The humble log likes a crowd. Millions of them pop up every single day, but they’re not always sure where to find their friends. One home for logs is the way to go – forget the fiefdoms of server teams, network, storage and app empires; hand over logs from as many devices as you can, from traffic monitors and ambient controls, whatever you have, and collate them in one place. With logs as your ally, get more of them. The greater the volume of security logs that can be analysed alongside contextual logs from across the whole of the network, the greater the quality of correlation and intelligence output. Extracting security intelligence is a combination of two things – correlation and context. And once you have these at hand, you also need security expertise to interpret what the information is telling you to decide on the best course of action. LogRhythm is a specialist in SIEM technology, doing the real time analysis on millions of logs to correlate and automate alert generation for the whole IT environment. To bring this correlation into sharper focus and to make mitigation more straightforward, LogRhythm can even provide further operational intelligence on your systems by including network traffic flows, server process detail and file analysis in the security view of your network. Logs don’t have to be hard to handle. If you want to keep it in house, just make sure you get the right tools in place, set them up to gather the right logs and build your metrics to fit your business needs. If you need a hand with monitoring what you’ve got in place, or if you’d rather keep your distance from logs entirely, we can take the whole thing off your hands – our Affinity for SIEM information has all the details. So, in support of logs for better security intelligence, we hope we’ve given you a different perspective on showing logs the love. For early detection for faster mitigation and for better service availability, go on, love your logs. To learn more about SIEM, download our guide on ‘Simple Steps to Solving SIEM Strategy’ or call us to discuss your challenges on 01622 723456