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The Juniper Networks Partner Conference in Portugal: 4 key points to remember

Juniper EMEA Partner Conference in Alicante | 9-11 May 16

Why did I attend the Juniper Networks Partner Conference in Alicante (Spain) when there are so many of those conferences? In general, you get to know the main updates of a vendor during multiple sessions, but, to me, that is not the main asset of attending such a summit. What is it, I hear you ask. Well, I go to such conferences because of the face-to-face meetings I can have with different people. I’ve been a member of theJuniper Community for more than 16 years. Throughout those years, I met many people and the Juniper family knows me well.

Why should you attend Juniper Networks’ Partner Conference?

So, what is my biggest motivation to go to such conferences? Well, there are a few:

  • meeting the PLM (Product Line Management);
  • introducing Orange Cyberdefense’ers to their peers;
  • my membership of the Partner Technical Advisory Board (PTAB)

The PTAB is a small group (10 to 15 people) of the EMEA region that discusses the evolutions and the desires of the market. Those discussions are in dialogue with the PLM. We share the demands of our customers so Juniper Networks can act on it.

What we learned at the Juniper Partner Conference

During our dialogues, we got to know the following:

  • SDSN(Software Defined Secure Networks) is the new vision of Juniper Networks. This framework will be able to block traffic or inspect traffic on port level. In the future, it will be applicable to all Juniper’s products (switches / routers / firewall / etc.)
  • vSRX and cSRXare firewalls that have the same features as hardware firewalls, but with all the advantages of virtual- and container-based solutions.
  • Sky ATP is the Advanced Threat Prevention solutionof Juniper Networks that is based on their own development, e.g. the deception-based Mykonos solution they bought years ago; the sandbox technology and also third-party threat intelligence.
  • Junos Fusionhas the advantages of all earlier solutions such as VC/VCF/QFabric and it can achieve a bigger scale, better flexibility and higher speed.