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What to Expect from Our Managed Next Generation Firewalls Service

We understand that out-tasking your next generation firewall can be a big decision. It’s important to select the right partner and ensure you receive the quality of service your business demands. This blog gives you the inside track on how Orange Cyberdefense approaches the deployment of a managed next generation firewall for our customers. Firewalls are a critical component of IT security and out-tasking the management of them to a service provider requires a high level of trust in its experience and skills, an understanding of how any kind of situation would be dealt with, and full transparency of the work being done. We ensure our processes are compliant and transparent at every stage of our managed service – below is what to expect with our typical on-boarding process for managed services customers:

  • Becoming a customer: We begin by setting up your account and assigning you a technical guardian (one of our technical experts who will become involved and knowledgeable about every aspect of your infrastructure), and introduce you to two account management contacts who ensure you have instant access to our team.
  • Preparing IT transition: We log the inventory of what IT is being taken over in terms of support and management, run tests to identify gaps in your existing security, and begin to transition control of your systems to our Security Operations Centre (SOC).
  • Reviewing your existing systems: We help you to understand your network’s current security posture, before figuring out how to configure newly deployed technology to ensure the highest possible level of threat blocking and identification of previously unknown dangers. We establish the need to upgrade or add specific features, such as DLP or IPS, by monitoring traffic on your network to assess risk. You are then provided with a report that provides full visibility of all traffic coming in and out of the network.
  • Physical deployment: If the customer is also upgrading their hardware, we physically implement the firewalls into your network and build in a secure VPN tunnel back to our SOC for remote, ongoing monitoring and analysis of data. This information is then fed back to your IT team, along with recommendations for further techniques to safeguard your network.
  • Baselining and maintenance: After a month of monitoring network performance, we study the vital statistics on factors such as memory, CPU and throughput. Based on these results and future analysis, your firewalls are maintained and improved on an ongoing basis, with signatures updated regularly, weekly reviews and configuration tweaks based on requirements.