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Our vision on Application Security

Our vision on Application Security and how F5 Networks fits in

“Safe value creation is our passion.”

Security challenges are constantly evolving as organizations continue to increase their expectations with regard to business-critical digital platforms on which their operations and reason for existence depend.

During the design and during the implementation and operational management of digital platforms – of which applications are an indispensable component – vulnerabilities can nestle in the background. These vulnerabilities are very attractive to threat actors from a cybersecurity perspective, and therefore pose potential risks.

Our view is that a holistic approach is the only right approach to building the capacity to effectively repel and resist cyber-attacks throughout the DevOps lifecycle of a digital platform. Digital platforms, and applications in general, should always be developed with security in mind.

Security cycle


Where does F5 Networks come in?

The versatile solutions that F5 Networks offers integrate seamlessly into the DevOps CI / CD workflow (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment). Managing the application lifecycle and monitoring and securing applications in production become very simple: F5 Networks offers an end-to-end solution that meets the needs of both DevOps and NetOps. Threat actors no longer have a chance to threaten your business via vulnerable applications.


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