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Have you experienced a cyber security incident that you require immediate assistance on?

The key to mitigating the impact of any cybersecurity incident is the reaction time between detection and response. Many companies lack the infrastructure needed to react in a quick and secure manner. Orange Cyberdefense’s Emergency Cyber Security Incident Response service allows any company to react to malicious cyber threats quickly and effectively.  Our service enables customers to complement existing resources with our world-class competence to safely enable their business. Our Pan-European cyber incident responders can begin working a case quickly and efficiently, identifying, containing and eradicating threats to get your business back up and running, including, where needed, on-site response to help manage the situation.

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24/7 availability

You can call our hotline every day, whole day

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First consult is free

No costs for your first consultancy call

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Fast isolation

Rapid isolation of threats to limit the impact of a security breach

International knowledge

Over 20 responders active across Europe

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Rapid callback

Retainer customers receive a call back within a set time period as per SLA

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Complete incident report

Receive a full incident report and post-incident debrief of all findings

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European presence

Retainer customers receive competitive SLAs for dispatching Incident Responders to site

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Tech independent

Technology independent. We can work with anything.

How does it work?

In case of an incident it’s very important to stay calm and take immediate and efficient action. Don’t start trying things you’re not secure with. Once you’ve decided that an experienced Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) should help you, you make the call to our hotline. During your first call the emergency incident response team will consult with you on some first steps and recommendations, and get a clear indication of the problem and it’s liabilities. After that the team will contact our Cyber Defence Centers in Europe to get a plan, time schedule and price indication. Since time is of the essence, we will call you back as soon as possible with our advice. Retainer customers get priority over emergencies!

The most common things the CSIRT gets called out for:

O365/Cloud Service Breaches

With more and more infrastructure getting moved into the cloud, the CSIRT has seen a big increase in breaches in cloud services. The cause of these breaches ranges from simple credential stuffing, phishing attacks, right through to far more advanced and targeted attacks. Orange Cyberdefense’s aim when dealing with any cloud service based incident; work out the root cause of the attack, and advise our clients so the same attack is not possible in the future. Where possible the CSIRT will also try and improve any general security issues to help strengthen your cloud infrastructure.

Ransomware outbreaks

In the last 12 months the CSIRT has seen two types of ransomware; the first is the more traditional. A non-targeted phishing link is clicked on by a user, that then (via numerous attack vectors) infects the user’s system with ransomware. Typically this attack method doesn’t use self-propagating strains and is easy to contain and eradicate. The second type is far more dangerous. The CSIRT has seen attackers gain a foothold on a network, then use a variety of network attack tools to get higher and higher network privileges. Once the attackers have a good hold on the network, they deploy and activate very well written ransomware. These attacks typically affect the majority of a client’s IT estate, including the deletion of backups. The experience of the CSIRT dictates that the later attacks are hard to recover from and can cost millions to get out of.

Don’t wait for an emergency!

Not in a current incident? Our Incident Response Retainer packages get preference over other cases, price advantages and proactive consultancy. With an Incident Response Retainer you are always sure to be the first one in line in times of need.

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tick Post-incident debrief included tick Post-incident debrief included
tick Incident Response workshop required
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tick Personnel and Technology Review
tick Retainer-based SLA for Remote Response
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