Secure Software Development Lifecycle

Organizations developing applications have in-place a process by which each application is designed, developed, tested, and deployed. This sequence of stages that define these processes is called the Secure Software Development Lifecycle, often referred to as the SSDLC. An organization’s SSDLC helps shape the way their apps are built and defines the exact processes each application should go through, as well as the milestones an application needs to hit before going to the next stage of the SSDLC.




Static code analysis (SCA) delivers security and the requirement of incorporating security into the software development lifecycle (SDLC). It is the only proven method to cover the entire code base and identify all the vulnerable patterns using static code analysis tools.


Codebashing is a SaaS education platform of real world vulnerabtilies. They focus on a highly interactive and intuitive learn­by­doing model for application security online training.