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European ‘Cyber Defense Centers’ enhance SecureLink’s customer protection service

European ‘Cyber Defense Centers’ enhance SecureLink’s customer protection service

SecureLink has built upon its successful SOC-based model to provide a protection service even more capable of meeting today’s cyberthreats.

SecureLink, Europe’s largest independent cybersecurity and Managed Security Service provider has introduced a new level of customer protection. By enhancing its established, and highly successful, SOC (Security Operations Center) service, the company is now able to offer tailored solutions that offer high levels of protection against today’s increasingly complex and sophisticated cyberthreats.

Given this increase in capability, SecureLink has renamed its SOCs. These are now called Cyber Defense Centers (CDCs), to more accurately reflect the advanced nature of the service they provide. It is a service which, over the years, has evolved from essentially reactive to highly proactive, demanding a completely different approach to just a few years ago.

Today, truly effective security solutions should be fully customized to the customer’s needs and environment, using the most advanced tools available. SecureLink addresses this by starting with an assessment of its customer’s existing security systems before deciding on other tools and processes that need to be implemented in order to deliver an optimum solution. Key to this assessment is the process of establishing a strict priority of protection objectives, and the customer’s information flows. Also Cloud Services are covered.

Following the assessment (in collaboration with the customer) SecureLink will define a security monitoring strategy. This, typically, will still be based around a SIEM solution, but with intelligent input from different tools and external cloud environments or applications. Increasingly, these tools will have machine learning capabilities, to provide accurate information to the SIEM solution. The aim is to deliver a solution that enables the customer’s business in a secure way. The completion of the different steps ensure a 360° security approach.

“We see ourselves as a thought-leader in our field,” said SecureLink Group’s CTO, Frank Staut, “and we are constantly enhancing and evolving our solutions and services to reflect our customers’ demands. This latest development is an important step in demonstrating our commitment to staying ahead of cybercrime.”