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Intercept and disrupt threats

Intercept and disrupt threats

The challenge with detection is that there is not one type of technology that solves the complete set of detection requirements. There is a need for conducting detection across multiple sources including log data, network data and endpoint data. There are also threat activities that happen outside of your infrastructure that may cause a risk to your business that need to be detected.

You can probably not solve all of these problems at the same time, but you can choose a security partner with a complete MDR portfolio that can guide you to your best investments. Orange Cyberdefense offers a complete Managed Threat Detection portfolio that covers not only the SOC triad of log, network and endpoint, but also detection of threats to your business on the Open, Deep and Dark Web.  Orange Cyberdefense help you to start with the most relevant monitoring for your current need, and then expand as your business requires.

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Key benefits

  • Modular Managed Threat Detection services for log, network and endpoint based MDR
  • Enhanced service levels such as Managed Threat Hunting and Managed Advanced Threat Hunting that provide more customisation, dedicated consulting resources and access to a set of extended capabilities
  • A security partner focused on modelling your detection capabilities over time using our Threat Detection Framework
  • Active Response options such as endpoint isolation
  • Powered by Orange Cyberdefense proprietary Threat Intelligence including unique insights from the Orange tier-1 operator Internet backbone, Orange Cyberdefense feeds, open-source threat intelligence feeds, customers and partners.
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Threat Detection Workshop

At Orange Cyberdefense, we help our customer to understand and visualise the effectiveness of cybersecurity posture through the use of The Threat Detection Framework. It draws on industry recognised standards such as the MITRE ATT&CK framework, as well as our own data sourced from our 11 global CyberSOCs who process over 50 billion events every day.

If you’d like to have a discussion about how to improve your company’s information security strategy you can arrange a Threat Detection Framework hands-on workshop.

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