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An explosion of mobile devices and application forms

Last year, the explosion of mobile devices and applications were the catalyst of a rising demand for the network of the future. This is the time period over which a network supports the company’s growth because of the mobile explosion (BYOD) and the multitude of applications.

The use of mobile devices also ensures that wireless will replace the wired network and thus requires the same functionalities. This has a substantial impact on the way we use the network. Users will see the network purely to support their business and want to feel no difference between a wired and wireless network infrastructure.

Connection demands

Users want connectivity anywhere (and preferably in the same look and feel that they are used), network with different (mobile) devices and get services from which server or part of the network. This entails some challenges for the IT team, which is flooded with new tasks and responsibilities. This makes finding them almost no time to focus on their former core business applications and develop new applications for insurance, banks or hospitals, to name a few.

In this context, we have found that OPEX budgets have sunken in recent years, while going through an evolution for more need of funding, such as electricity.  For example, let’s compare “New Network” with the electricity network. No one therefore wonders where the electricity comes, how it provides your household power and what exactly causes them to be always available. It just works.

It would in other words be ideal if the “New Network” would follow the same principle as the electricity network. This is so the local ICT team does not lose sleep over the availability and security of the network.

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