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  2. Orange Cyberdefense World 2020: Virtual Event

Orange Cyberdefense World 2020: Virtual Event

As organizations globally have now embraced a 100% remote workforce and customer base, the traditional way we conduct business may be forever changed. Join our half-day, virtual event to gain insight from our subject matter experts and researchers on the systemic factors that are driving the advances in cybersecurity. How has your ability to detect, protect and respond been impacted in this new context? Hear first hand our lesson’s from the trenches.

Discover interactive, thought leadership talks and intelligence-based key findings and enjoy a streamlined program of topics built to pinpoint the top critical issues you should consider to stay ahead of the weather.

Lastly, meet our cybersecurity experts and network with your peers, without the need to take a flight or even get out of bed!

Register now to join on Tuesday, 24th November!

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